Reasons Why Filipinos Choose to Become Overseas Filipino Workers

reasons why filipinos choose to become overseas filipino workers

In this post, you will learn the reasons why Filipinos choose to become overseas Filipino workers or OFWs.

In general, we Filipinos are family-oriented and we have close family ties. It can even be said, that we have the biggest families in the world – as we tend to form relations and keep them close to our hearts as a matter of principle. However, it also comes with the realization that a big family – whether it is the organic family or the extended family – needs to be nourished, needs to be kept going – and sometimes, it entails a long time away from them because we are going to look for greener pastures.

And nowadays, we have to be practical because the rising cost of living drains a huge toll on the finances of even the ones with the stable jobs in the country. And so, a lot of Filipinos choose to sacrifice family time to ensure the stability of the family in the future – by going abroad and toiling as modern day heroes – as Overseas Filipino Workers.

Reasons Why Filipinos Choose to Become Overseas Filipino Workers

If you have been wondering what are the reasons why Filipinos tend to work as OFWs, then wonder no more as we seek to enlighten you with these reasons, culled from OFWs themselves:

Better salaries and benefits.

One of the primary reasons why Filipinos risk going abroad is the higher level of salaries and benefits which they would be getting for their sweat equity. It is the sad reality that the income level in the country pales in comparison with those of other locations. We lag behind in this level because of the severe economic implications and the difficulties of having such a high salary level in our land. So, Pinoys who wish to have a better life seek opportunities elsewhere justifying that they would have to earn much more abroad than toil for lesser money in the country. Come to think of it, it does make perfect sense.

Unstable economic conditions.

There is certainly no job security that can be had because of the unstable economic conditions. Varying economic policies have sometimes caused this – creating economic lags that make it difficult for industries to thrive and for jobs to be continuously created for the masses. While the economy may be said to be thriving, the effects have yet to trickle to the common man which forces a lot of Pinoys to look for better jobs – however menial it may be – abroad.

Familial pressure and peer influence.

Let’s face it – some OFWS get pressured into the situation because they see that their friends and their neighbors are getting somewhere in life because they went to take jobs abroad. It does take some pressure because you want to improve your lifestyle even just a little bit – and so you look for that perfect job away from your family.

Better career advancement opportunities.

It is a sad truth that we all have to face, there is still so much discrimination in the workplace that some people who are qualified get stepped on due to connections – and it does make for difficult career advancement opportunities. So, for some OFWs who have become disenchanted with such practice, they look for better opportunities abroad because they want to prove their worth – and in fact, a lot of them do when they leave our shores.

Job discrimination.

Whether we admit it or not, there still is discrimination in the workplace. Some people who are qualified get sidetracked because someone with a pleasing personality fits better in the position even though she is sub-qualified. Some industries tend to look at the academic background and the other consideration rather than the things that should matter. And that discourages some people who cannot find their niche because of such situations.

Opportunity for travel and culture-exchange.

What better way to travel than to get a job broad? After some time, you get to visit such places which you have only previously hear of or seen on books or on television. It is a way to expand your horizons, so to speak. You may have a menial job in the office but you have a lot of good memories to share and a higher salary to boot!

It’s always been their dream.

Well, we cannot fault some OFWs for pursuing their dreams, right? Some OFWs really do not want to stay and work in the country in the first place as they have been dreaming of working internationally since their childhood. And who’s to say its wrong?

The government supports OFWs.

Because the government knows that they have to create a good service for these people who bring in valuable income for the government through their timely remittances – they get better services as well – a good trade-off for their sacrifices away from the family.

Job mismatches.

Some licensed professionals do not get to enjoy the fruits of their labor in the industry they worked so hard to earn a degree in – so it is a good thing to find jobs abroad which would better suit them and their dreams. Better to be able to practice what you have learned than to toil in the native country in a job mismatch that does you no justice seems to be the popular justification for this reason.

High unemployment rate.

Which is, all things considered, essentially true. There is a high unemployment rate in the country and it is commendable that they do not want to be included in the ranks of the unemployed so they rather would find some better opportunities abroad.

There are certainly so many more reasons why Filipinos choose to go abroad to follow their dreams. While it certainly is not an easy task to be an OFW, some people realize it is the only way to become a better person – both financially and otherwise. So they would rather suffer the time away from family physically than to see their fortunes suffer because of it.

Reasons Why Financial Literacy Must Be Taught In Schools

reasons why financial literacy must be taught in schools

In this article, you will learn the reasons why financial literacy must be taught in schools.

Financial literacy is one of the integral subjects that the past educational curricula have overlooked. It has resulted in a student population that does not understand the importance of maintaining savings accounts and being financially stable. Yes, we did have accountancy and mathematics subjects in the secondary level before but it was not enough since we really had no foundation about financial literacy. We knew numbers – but somehow, the importance of numbers in daily budgeting and the like did not leave as huge a mark as expected in our collective psyches. And to tell you the truth, it has a huge impact on how several generations have turned out to be.

Maybe the idea of oversight might have been unwarranted and may have been seen as inconsequential but with the thrust of 21st century education, there is a need for financial literacy to regain its footing in the awareness of the learners in school. It might just save the future for these learners who have been accustomed to spending too much without learning of the consequences of their actions.

Reasons Why Financial Literacy Must Be Taught In Schools

Here are some reasons why financial literacy needs to be integrated in the curriculum. We understand there might be more, but we are sure these seven reasons which we would enumerate would also hold ground in any argument for financial literacy integration:

Learners do not know much about finances.

In a society that is economy-driven, our learners are being brought up to buy, buy, and buy whatever they want. There have been no efforts to curb this outlook which seems to have pervaded our society. It is unlike before when learners and their teachers had access to such information about the importance of savings in daily life. Nowadays, we may have overlooked this rather important thing – resulting in a population that is apathetic to savings.

Learners are starting younger – and are thus more moldable.

Many learners are now getting a weekly allowance and the observation is that most of them go through their weekly allowances in a matter of days. It may not seem to be important but a generation of learners who cannot budget their allowances may have higher and graver repercussions. It is therefore important that we should start them young so they can know their limitations and be able to budget much better.

We are surrounded by more temptations.

It is unlike before when times were simpler – when we didn’t have so much available to us. Right now, everywhere we look, there are temptations that people cannot seem to resist. New gadgets, new products – these are things that are in abundance – and we really have to be able to learn how to budget our finances if we want to buy these things without getting ourselves in debt.

We tend to save later in our lives.

Again, unlike before when we were taught to save at a young age, nowadays, it seems a lot of people do not maintain savings accounts or keep coin banks in their homes. The reason? Because we have been brought up in a highly commercialized world which emphasizes instant gratification – which is contrary to our former belief system. Before, we had several comic books and information resources that emphasized the importance of saving for the future – but now, it seems there is a definitive lack of such for our learners.

Financial literacy is a lifelong process.

The current curriculum espouses lifelong learning – so financial literacy fits right in. It is a lifelong process and thus we need to start early because it would have better effects on our lives. It would also be beneficial to know financial literacy earlier because we would be able to establish our financial personas much earlier. We would benefit on this in the long run.

We need to learn how to stay out of debt.

It can be tough to find people who do not carry some form of debt nowadays – whether it be personal loans or loans from private lending institutions. We are seeing the effects of the lack of a true financial literacy subject in the curriculum – a lot of people do not know how to budget, do not know how to compute for their interest rates – and a lot of people do not know how to avoid being in debt in general. Integrating financial literacy in schools would arrest this culture and possibly have a longer lasting effect in the economy.

Our government and other attached social security agencies are no longer that stable.

As difficult to admit it may be, the government would not be able to provide us with the necessary policy coverage that other generations have enjoyed. So it is crucial that we be able to save for our retirement funds on our own rather than depend on what they would be giving us in the future.

These are the reasons why financial literacy should be integrated posthaste to our existing educational curriculum. A subject that is as simple as that might have long lasting economic implications for our country – and that is something that we should really aspire for.

Practical Tips for OFWs – Ways to Save More Money Everyday

ways to save money everyday

Practical Money Saving Tips for Overseas Filipino Workers

There are practical ways to save money everyday.

Nowadays, practicality trumps luxuries. We have to realize that even if we do have a high-paying job, we cannot have it until the end of time as our productive years would dwindle and we might not be able to prepare for it properly. What is disturbing, is not a lot of people realize this – and some just do not seem to care.

Practical Tips for Overseas Filipino Workers – Ways to Save More Money Everyday

Overseas Filipino Workers are among the most distinguished classes in Philippine society and some of them still really do not get the idea that they have to save for a better future. We cannot have that because we have to live as best as we can – and we have to be able to educate them to become frugal and practical for their future.

Here are some practical tips for OFWs to be able to save some money so that they can secure their family’s futures. Remember, it may be difficult at first, but when you get to start it, it would suddenly become automatic and integral to your routines.

Set your priorities.

Before you do anything – make sure you know for whom and for what you are doing things for! Make sure you know that you are doing this for your family – you must always remember that! It’s all about the attitude and remembering for whom it is you’re toiling for away from your country! As one of the commercials so truthfully said, “Para kanino ka ba gumigising?”

Never follow the bandwagon.

Lots of people follow the bandwagon especially when it comes to gadgets and other cool stuff. You really do not have to follow them – you have to be practical – you do not need to change phones every six months. You have to be practical – yes, I did say it again! – and do not bend to the temptation. Yes, it may look out of place – but you have to use it until it stops working! It’s all about the savings and not the prestige!

Plan for your meals and purchases.

Yes, you yearn for some Pinoy style cooking every once in a while but it does not mean that you wouldn’t budget for your food and for your purchases! You have to be able to shop on a budget and if you can buy in bulk, it would be better because it would mean more discounts for you! And if you can even use coupons to save even more, why, do it because it’s going to lessen the money that comes out of your wallet when you shop!

Don’t use credit cards left and right.

Credit cards are good alright – but they also are a temptation that you do not have to use almost every time! Credit cards carry a huge interest load and any debts have to be paid up if you do not want them to accumulate and saddle you up for the long time. While they may be convenient you also have to use them judiciously. Use them but never be too dependent on them. You do not want credit card debt to rule your life!

Don’t think you are depriving yourself.

It’s all about the attitude. You should never think you are depriving yourself NOW – because you are saving for the LATER – for the FUTURE – your future and your family’s future. So get your head on straight and be wise about your spending habits!

Find yourself a side business.

Dare we say it again – yes! BE PRACTICAL! If you can find another job – say as a freelancer or if you can sell stuff online, do so because it can add to your savings stash in a hurry. Nowadays, it is better if you have several income streams that could add to your money – it is after all a way to improve your financial standing.

Get advice from financial experts.

Financial advisers could and would help you to get your finances in order – you would be given suggestions as to how to handle your money – where to invest them to get the highest returns and how to make them grow more and more. So, if you find a good financial adviser, make sure to get his services so you can extricate yourself from the wallows of poverty.

OFWs have to realize that their productive years are limited and their incomes are not set for life. They have to realize that even if they dock huge paydays – they have to be able to budget their money so they would have a sizable nest egg that they can utilize for their later years. It is also wise to be able to invest in instruments that would be giving them huge returns for their future.

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How to Save Money on a Low Budget

how to save money on a low budget

Practical tips – how to save money on a low budget

Nowadays, it seems our money and our salaries are not amounting too much so a lot of people are asking how they can save money on a low income level. It appears to be a challenge because it poses a logistical dilemma. But as they say, everything can be overcome with proper planning and great execution.

How to Save Money on a Low Budget

Automate your savings through the bank service option.

If you really want to be able to save for your future even on a tight budget, you can approach your bank and have them automatically deduct a specific amount from your paycheck every time it comes. You can have them send the money into another account that would be used for investments like a time-deposit account or a regular savings account that you wouldn’t be able to access.

Budget everything to avoid being into debt.

A very good key to saving is to engage yourself in smart budgeting practices. Make sure that everything that you would receive during your pay days would be budgeted to the last centavo. It is not only a good practice, it would also condition your mind to be as frugal as possible. You would have to be able to limit your expenditures based on the monthly allocations you have set. Any excess in the allocation should be placed into the savings account to further add to the stash you are already building. And if you do carry credit card debts, make sure to prioritize the repayment schemes as well to lessen the burden somewhat.

Be wise in shopping for your groceries.

It is pretty tempting to just wander the grocery aisles – and grocers know this as well. Which is why they place interesting items on your line of sight – a certain tendency to make you buy things. Which is the reason why it is quite important to shop for your groceries with a set list and a set budget. You have to be able to pick out the items on your list quickly enough and head straight to the cashier to prevent any hiccups – trust me, it would work. Also, left-overs can also be used to make great meals – so if you do have left-overs from your meals, make sure to rehash them afterwards. You’re not only saving; you’re being practical as well. And if you can buy in bulk, then you should.

Keep your housing costs low.

This tip goes for both homeowners and for renters of properties. Make sure to keep an eye on your utility bills – they are among the most draining sectors in your expenditures – so keeping track of them would have to among your priorities. Make sure that the appliances you are currently using are working well – so periodic maintenance and checkups are a must. And if you can sublet a room – it would also help you to reduce the cost for your mortgage or your house payments. Every little bit counts.

Avoid unnecessary expenditures.

You do not necessarily have to deprive yourself of some of the better things in life – or the little perks for a job well done. You just have to limit or schedule the night outs or the dinner dates and you have to keep in mind the budget because you still have to stick to it. Remember, what is important is the time together and the circumstances mean little in the long run.

We know that there are still other strategies which would help you to save money on a tight budget. You can be as creative as possible – you can do creative accounting if need be or creative reallocations – but make sure that you should still stick to the budget. The best of luck to you and may you find success in making do with what you have!

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Importance of Money in Our Daily Life

importance of money in our daily life

Do you need money? What is the role of money in our life?

What really is the importance of money in our daily life? Money, money, money – it makes the world go round – and can actually be the root of all evil in this world. However, it can also be a very good way to spread happiness to those who have nothing – it can be a very good thing to have when there are good intentions that need to be funded because it can guarantee the delivery of such supplies to fill the need.

As they always say, everything in this world has to have two sides – it is just the way of the world. Everything can be used for good and consequently it also has some bad things when it is exploited. Money, being one of the most fundamental concepts in this economics driven world, is not exempt from such things.

Importance of Money in Our Daily Life

Here are seven benefits of having enough money in our lives. Remember though, that while money is needed – it doesn’t mean that we should always be after it. It only means that we should be able to strive in such a manner that we would have enough to live by and help other people who need our assistance.

You can take care of yourself much better.

Without nothing much to worry about because you have money on your pockets, you can absolutely take care of yourself much better. You can have less stress and indulge in activities that would pamper you and keep you fresh. You can indulge in spas, fitness classes and other things that would help you become healthier and much better. It may sound a bit materialistic, but being attractive can always have its merits – it may translate to better opportunities to learn, to earn and to enjoy life!

You can become more relaxed.

With money to spare – you wouldn’t need to worry where the next meal would come from or even if you would be eating at the right time. Less things to worry about – makes you feel much more relaxed – less stressed and you would be much better because of it. You can go to places where you want to go – participate and listen to your favorite bands’ concerts and eat the best food you want.

You can travel and be immersed in various experiences much more.

You can experience different cultures – you can immerse yourself in other places and live one-of-a-kind moments which would be beneficial for your overall health. You can be a traveler – and learn about the different customs and traditions of different places. As they say, traveling is the only thing you pay for that gives you something back in return.

You can be healthier.

With a lot of lifestyle diseases plaguing society nowadays, it is important that you would be able to secure the best medical healthcare service and vitamins and other supplements for your family. Having access to the best hospitals and procedures would help you become physically better – and you and your family would be all the better for it.

You can help others much more.

Making more money will not always be the end all and be all – giving some of it away to help others in need would be a good thing to make you feel better. You can fund grants; you can give associations the seed money – you can even start a foundation to help the needy. While money can never buy complete happiness – it can help you to feel better about what you do for others. Be generous – be gracious and it will come back to you a hundredfold.

You have less worries about meeting the basic necessities.

Because you have money in your pockets – you can have as much good food as you need – as much clothing that you can have and even have a better chance at life with better educational services. Having money gives you better access to these things and more – so make sure you have some money in your pocket and in the bank to keep your family comfortable.

You can have a healthier and better life.

Money would help you live longer – either because of healthier choices or because you have access to better healthcare or have a better lifestyle. Research shows that those who have more money have longer life expectancies. So while it is not the end all and be all – having some money would be good if you really want to live longer.

So, do you still wonder about how important money is in our daily lives? We do need to have some cash to burn because the quality of our life becomes better with some money on the side. Again, I would like to remind you that money is not the central matter in our lives – but it does help to smoothen out the rough patches we are going to experience.

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Golden Advice and Tips for Overseas Filipino Workers

Sa lahat ng mga OFW, basahin ninyo ito…

Golden advice and tips for Overseas Filipino Workers. We all know that many of us who choose to be Overseas Filipino Workers did it because they know that their families would be better off with their decisions. It would be financially practical for the family to have someone earning more from their jobs abroad than just staying put in the country. It may be difficult to be away from them for such long periods of time but it has to be done for the family’s betterment. It would be difficult but someone has got to do it.

Golden Advice and Tips for Overseas Filipino Workers

Here are some golden advice and tips for overseas Filipino workers (Ofws) who find that they are wavering in their belief that their decision to be away from their family is the sound and the best decision that they can make.

Handa ka na ba?

Always Remember This – Maging Tapat Lagi sa Asawa Mo.

Eksakto! Siya ang kapartner mo sa buhay – kaya wag na wag mo syang lolokohin. While there are certainly some documented and undocumented instances of adultery abroad, you should not be among the ones who are doing it. Isipin mo kung gaano rin nagtitiis ang asawa mo na malayo sa kalinga mo. Isipin mo kung ano ang mawawala sa iyo kung hahanap or, pardon the term, kakalantari ka ng iba sa ibang bansa. You would only be satisfying a temporary craving for intimacy – but you would be destroying a lifelong relationship if you do it. So be faithful sa asawa mo. Remember, you promised to be with each other through thick and thin. You should remember those vows you made every day.

Top Priority – Bayaran Mo ang Utang na Naiwan sa Pinas.

Naku, naku, naku. Hindi ibig sabihin na nasa abroad ka e mayaman ka na agad. You need to pay off your loans first para naman makausod-usod ka at magkaroon ng magandang kinabukasan ang pamilya mo. You need to be able to pay off your debts first so you would have the chance to save and make a proper decision to build a better future for your family. Alisin muna ang pagkakautang hane?

This is The BEST ONLINE NEGOSYO para sa mga OFW

Huwag dagdagan ang mga utang.

And for crying out loud, wag nang magdagdag utang pa. Mahirap mapalagay sa cycle na ganito – you have to be wise – you need to be wise. You have to be able to live within your means – and realize that being an OFW is not a lifelong job. Hindi ito katulad ng mga nasa government na panghabangbuhay ang trabaho – minsan hindi ka makakarenew agad ng contract – e saan ka pupulutin kung puro utang ka? Kaya kahit nasa abroad ka na, pigil pigil din sa gastos pag me time. It would be better for you.

Huwag laging maluho – Ipon or iPhone?

Always think of savings before anything else. Meron ka ngang mamahaling gadget – but do you know that in six months’ time it would be devalued? Wala na yang halaga halos in six months’ time! Samantala, your savings would have grown (even though not by much) in six months’ time! Ipon muna bago ang lahat. Remember, take the idea of the older generation – as long as it still works – use it. If it stops working repair it. Do not fall prey to the culture of commercialism – you are not an ATM! Di ka nagluluwa ng pera!

Save part of your money – maghigpit ng sinturon.

Ika nga sa salawikain, kung may isinuksok, may madudukot. If you have no savings – how would you survive when you come back home? If you have no savings, how would you survive without your income? Isip-isip muna di ba? Pag wala ka na muna ulit kontrata, saan ka pupulutin kung wala kayong ipon? Balik na naman sa pangungutang? Ay naku, walang kakaratingan ang pagaabroad mo kung ganyan!

Look for other income opportunities – Read and Learn.

Remember, hindi nakakasama ang pagbabasa at pageexplore ng mga income opportunities. Makakatulong ito para mas mapabilis ang pagdami ng ipon mo. Wag ka nga lang magpapaloko kasi kawawa ka sigurado. Learn new methods of earning while doing minimal work – learn about making passive income work for you and when you come back home, you would be better because of it.

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Dating Magsasaka Ngayon ang Laki Kumita sa Internet – P200K … Alamin kung ano ang ginagawa niya.

Panoorin mo ang VIDEO na ito kung paano niya ginagawa ang negosyo.

Be Frugal – Magtipid Ka!

Unang una, hindi ka ATM. Pangalawa, hindi ka namumunga ng pera. Kaya you have to be frugal in every sense of the word. Hindi naman sinasabi na maging kuripot ka – sinasabi lang na you have to be wise in spending because there is no indefatigable source of money. Ikaw rin, you have to be able to realize this because you might be facing a dilemma because of this. Pakahirap ka nang pakahirap sa abroad tapos wala kang pera pagbalik. #anukayayun?

Don’t be an OFW forever.

Mahirap magpaalila sa ibang bansa. Kung hindi mo pa ranas yan, ewan ko na lang. Nakakaiyak mawalay sa mga mahal mo sa buhay. Dami mong napapalampas na magagandang selebrasyon – birthdays, debuts, kasal, binyag, libing – halos lahat na lang ata di mo napuntahan dahil malayo ka. Tapos gusto mo magtagal dyan habangbuhay? Impossible yan. You have to realize that sometime soon, your productive years would be over and you have to come back home. Tapos ano mauuwian mo? Hindi ka kilala, or di ka naaappreciate kasi wala ka na sa abroad? Saklap di ba?

Plan your future.

It is no longer good to just go with the flow. Dapat me plano ka. Hindi yung basta ka na lang banat nang banat ika nga. Kailangan me plano kayong mag-asawa o pamilya para makaahon kayo sa hirap. Mas masarap na makita kung paano gumagana ang perang pinaghihirapan mo. Dapat magkaroon ka ng concrete evidence kung paano ka kumita. Dapat me maipakita kang negosyo, bahay at ibang mga assets, after all is said and done. Dapat meron kang mapagtapos sa mga kaanak mo after everything is through. Di ba?

Be Wise – Learn how to invest your money.

You have to be able to make your money grow. Hindi pwedeng nakatago lang yan sa ilalim ng unan. Dapat humanap ka ng isang finance advisor para mapalago pa ang pera mo na hawak ngayon. Make it grow so it would be more – the more money you have, the more savings you would have for your future. The more investments you have the better it is for your future din. Secure your future – be wise and invest your money in investment vehicles with good returns.

Be Prepared – Laging Maghanda sa mga Ondoy at Yolanda ng Buhay.

Lahat tayo magdaraan sa mga pagsubok. Hindi pwedeng sa isang iglap wala lahat ng mga pinagpaguran mo. Magkaroon ng separate accounts for such instances – for funeral expenses, for celebrations, etc. Better be safe than sorry di ba? Pwede mong seed money yung passive income mo dito sa mga accounts mo. Yung rent ng isang property sa isang buwan ihulog mo sa isang account – yung sa isang buwan pa, sa ibang account – mapapaikot ang pera basta wais ka lang.

Trust in the Lord all the days of your Life.

Ito ang pinakaimportante. No matter where you are, no matter who you are with, always put the Lord in your midst and everything would be done according to His Will. Surrender everything to Him and you would find the success you really want to achieve.

These are some simple tips to live by. These are some tips that would help you overcome the sadness and the longing you feel whenever you are away from your family. Lean on these tips and you would never go wrong.

Top 10 Best Qualities of a Great Call Center Agent

If communication is the backbone of every organization, then we can say that the heart of every organization is their call center. With customers waiting to be pacified and pleased, call center agents must be versatile enough to handle the demanding task and complexity of the job.

Here are the Top 10 Best Qualities of a Call Center Agent

1. Benevolent & Courteous

This one is obvious and is definitely one of the most important qualities of a great call center agent. Usually, customers can immediately sense if you’re being apathetic. Being warm and friendly towards your customers can keep the atmosphere light. When one is having problems with a product, for example, a confrontation with an agent will only aggravate the problem which can lead to future problems like bad reviews. Always wear that smile, maintain a happy tune and positive attitude and always say thank you.

2. Strong and Clear Communication Skills

Communication should always be concise and on point. One must know how to read the customer’s emotional state, actively listen, process the information given and then quickly provide a solution.

A frustrated customer calls in because he’s having a hard time with a product. Use a clear language and proper phone etiquette. Listen attentively, ask questions as needed and provide possible solutions. Be sure to make introductions, be approachable and conversational at all times. Make use of your time wisely.

3. Great Attention to Details

Being a call center agent can be tedious. With the repetitive tasks and taking care of the same questions and complaints every single day, there are times when you’ll feel bored about the monotonous task at hand. With attentive listening, you are not only showing respect for customer’s opinion, you will also be able to provide the best solution. For example, ask minor questions after listening to your customers and provide solutions to each and every issue. Make sure that you check in with customers if all issues are resolved before the call ends.

4. Stellar Memory and Competence

One must be able to memorize a large amount of information to provide great customer service. Product know-how is a must. You won’t be able to assist your customers if you know nothing about your products. Know the ins and outs of your products and services. If one, for example, calls in asking about the return policy of a certain product, make sure you know about this and guide her thoroughly. Customers will trust you more if you can answer quickly and confidently, without having to put them on hold.

5. Patient and Composed

Patience is a true virtue when it comes to customers. You’ll eventually come across frustrated customers so you’ll need to have great patience when dealing with them. You will also meet customers who will need answers to be repeated all throughout the call. For example, an elderly man calls in asking you to guide him on how to operate your product, you have to patiently guide him through until he gets it.

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve heard the same problem before or if you have to repeat yourself to customers who won’t get it the first or second time. One must listen to the situation in full without negative reaction especially to unhappy customers. Avoid confrontations and explain solutions in a clear and calm manner.

6. Works Well Under Pressure

In the customer support world, employee burnout has a high turnover rate. Agents deals not only with the everyday problems, frustrated customers, flexible schedules and unreachable quotas. They also deal with irate customers which results to them being demotivated and hating their job. A call center agent must be emotionally stable and reliable to be able to deal with the daily stress that comes with a call center environment.
A customer calls in and started screaming at you and called you names. You must not take it personally. Just take a couple of deep breaths and smile your way through the next call.

7. Understanding and Compassionate

Customers need validation, therefore, effective agents must be understanding and compassionate. Some ways to show empathy is by building rapport, listening to their problems, understanding the customer’s point of view, respecting their feelings and solving the problem at hand. Once they feel validated, you will surely have customers who will keep coming back because of the positive experience.

A customer is upset about a product she bought. Listen to her problem attentively, try to understand her situation, say that you understand her frustration and offer a viable solution.

8. Positive Attitude

Positivity and Optimism goes a long way in the call center world. Dealing with different kinds of people is never an easy task. A great call center agent does not take the mean and hurtful things that irate customers usually throw their way. It is important to keep your calm and maintain a positive mindset when dealing with a difficult customer. Use positive language to persuade customers and provide resolutions. Maintain a cheery persona in dealing with each and every client.

To practice optimism, always seek possible solutions first instead of focusing on the negative, show gratitude and focus on goals and expectations.

9. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

There is never a one-size-fits-all solution to every problem. This is the very reason why call centers are no longer very dependent on canned messages and are adapting to a flexible model. Creative problem solving will resolve the issue efficiently and in a timely manner. Critical thinking doesn’t only mean you try to solve the problem alone. Knowing when you need your manager to step up is an example of critical thinking.

10. Going above and beyond the call of duty

Customers love feeling valued. If for example, a customer asked what mobile phone is your best-seller, you do not simply state a brand. Try to go the extra mile by explaining what makes it a best seller like the features/specs, make recommendations, or even give a free coupon or discount. Taking an extra step will not only satisfy your customers but will also gain their loyalty.

It’s worth remembering that most of these qualities can be learned. These are not the only traits needed for great customer service, but these are some of the best qualities that will truly make you shine as a call center agent.

How to Make Money Online 2018

Become an Online Millionaire: How to Make Money Online

With close to four billion estimated to have access to the internet, endless opportunities have opened up online. Regardless of where one comes from or their likes and abilities, there is something for everyone on the internet. Many have made fortunes and created empires by exploiting these opportunities, some of which include:

Tip # 1. By Creating a WordPress Blog

Since its release in 2003, WordPress has been used by many to build their blogs and continues to be a preferred tool for many. It is easy to set up and use which makes it a favorite for many people. Making money from your blog is dependent on factors such as the number of visitors, the revenue model and whether or not you offer any other services on your blog.

After you set up your blog, it is crucial that you identify your target market and customize your content to their needs. This creates a dedicated following for your blog which you can convert into revenue through advertising income. You can also charge to avail exclusive content to your more dedicated followers or even to teach a skill that you excel in.

Some of the most famous bloggers who have gained fame and fortune from blogging include Peter Rojas who started Engadget and earns over $5,000,000 a month and Peter Cashmore of Mashable. Arianna Huffington is perhaps the most successful blogger though with her blog, the Huffington Post making more than $10,000,000 monthly.

Tip # 2. By Writing and Selling eBooks

The advances in technology have transformed our way of doing things and the literary world has been no exception. The popularity and wide use of ebooks has soared in recent times and writing and selling ebooks is making many people fortunes. Writing an eBook takes away the struggle of publishing which can be a tedious and costly process. EBook publishing sites such as Amazon’s Kindle are quickly replacing the publishing houses as more consumers turn to their devices to access their favorite books.

There is no limitation to what you can write about as the digital platform allows for unlimited creativity. Ebooks span a wide range of topics, from thrillers to comedies, self help books to instructional books and even children’s books.

John Locke is probably the most renowned ebook writer after he became the first independent writer to sell one million copies on the Kindle store. Kerry Wilkinson also made the headlines when her self-published ebook, Locked In, became the highest selling book by Amazon in the UK beating other famous authors. ‘The Girl on the Train’, an ebook by Paula Hawkins was even adopted for a movie.

Tip # 3. By Participating In Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an excellent revenue avenue for those who want to make passive income online. To succeed in affiliate marketing, you must first decide on your niche. This helps create a relationship with your clients which makes them more likely to make purchases you recommend. The money being made through affiliate marketing is increasing yearly at a very high rate and it’s one of the most lucrative activities online.

One of the most famous affiliate program online is the Amazon affiliate program which pays between 4-8% commission on any product that a client buys from your recommendation. iWriter affiliate program, which requires that you recommend a client to request an article on iWriter, pays 50% of the earnings from the client.

Tip # 4. By creating YouTube Videos

It is not a secret anymore that YouTube videos can make you reach by becoming an active YouTuber. Here are three of the most famous YouTubers who make millions of dollars by creating and uploading their videos.

Known for his YouTube channel PewDiePie, Swedish video gamer Felix Arvid Ulf Kjelberg won the title of the highest paid YouTuber star in 2016 with an income estimated to 15 million dollars. His videos show him playing and commenting various video games and his channel has now a number of 57,685,575 subscribers. His channel PewDiePie has dominated YouTube over the past years. Kjelberg pays a lot of attention to his fans building a “Bro Army” his channel having a tremendous influence on the gamer community.

Roman Atwood is the most popular YouTube prankster with a number of more than 10 million subscribers. Probably his channel’s most famous prank videos are the ones where he is trying to convince his girlfriend he had killed their own toddler, filming her reactions. Antwood made an approximate number of 8 million dollars in 2016 thanks to his hilarious pranks.

Canadian Lily Singh is a multi-millionaire comedian who’s channel “Superwoman” has now 12.549.777 subscribers. Her videos include comedy sketches and music videos. In her videos Singh had guest stars like Gina Rodriguez, Victoria Justice and even Michelle Obama Singh and she appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. Her channel made an estimated number of 7.5 million dollars in 2016.

Tip # 5. Becoming a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant (or VA) is basically someone who earns money by providing professional administrative, technical or creative assistance for one or many clients from a home office. There are usually self-employed and they have the opportunity to complete their tasks from anywhere in the world, either their homes or while traveling. The services they offer include: data entry, payroll, research, email management, bookkeeping, customer support, social media management, coaching, marketing, copywriting and many others.

All you need for performing as a VA is a computer, an internet connection and a professional attitude. The good thing with this kind of job is that you can work as much as you can and your schedule is up to you.

Tip # 6. Be a Freelancer

Freelancing is one of the best and easy ways to earn money online having the ability to work anywhere in the world not only on the comfort of your home. Freelancing means that you make money having different jobs, short-term assignments or contracts with various companies, websites, organizations, etc.

The internet is offering now plenty of opportunities to earn money working as a freelancer online. There are many online freelancing sites where freelancers can make an account and start exploring for jobs such as Upwork, Elance, peopleperhour and Simply hired. Of course having more accounts on different freelancing sites means more potential job opportunities.

The good thing is that on these platforms you can always find jobs that don’t require a certain expertise. Any reliable person with an eye for detail can have jobs like: research, proofreading, virtual assistance, article writing, translation (if you qualify) and many others.

Without a doubt, you can become a MILLIONAIRE. With those tips mentioned, how to make money online and how to make money on the internet, nothing is impossible for you to reach your goal of becoming a millionaire soon.

How to Become a Millionaire in 5 Easy Steps

How to Become a Millionaire in 5 Easy Steps

Step #1: Read Books to Learn and Earn

If you want to be a millionaire, you have to invest on learning. You cannot be a millionaire overnight but you can learn how to be rich and wealthy and a billionaire sooner.

There are a lot of books that will guide you on how to be rich. Read all of them. It will teach you what you have to do step by step so that you will become a millionaire.

The good thing about reading aside from having a guide is that you will be inspired. Inspiration is the best motivation that you should have so that it will drive you to keep on pursuing your dreams.

Step #2: Go with Successful People and Learn from Them

Being with successful people is contagious. You have to always be with people who become rich in their field. It’s the best way you can learn from them. You must be in the places where they are.

Rich people don’t hang out where they will not be productive. They usually go to the places where they will gain more networks. Even if they are already rich, they are still trying to learn from each other. Talking to another successful person will broaden the way you think. This will help you on how you can be more successful.

As they say, walk the walk, talk the talk. If you walk among successful people, you will likely to become one as well. If you talk like a millionaire, then it increases the possibility of you becoming rich too.

Step #3: Set Higher Goals

Don’t just settle for what you already have. Being contented is not a bad thing. However, if you want to become a millionaire, you have to set a higher goal for yourself.

Rich people don’t stop when they already achieve one goal. They keep on setting more goals and keep on achieving them. This is how they build their wealth. They keep on pursuing and increasing their net worth. That way, you will not become just a one day millionaire. You can keep it for a lifetime.

Step #4: Think Big

Thinking big can be scary. But from a successful person’s perspective, it will not be worth it if your plans will not scare you a little. Being rich is not always playing safe. You will have to invest your time, energy and money so it will grow overtime. It is not enough for you to just have money in the bank.

Think big so that you will be inspired to strive harder. Sometimes it is not about hard work. You should learn how to be SMART. If you are planning to have a business, don’t go for just a small scale. It will not earn you enough money to be a millionaire. You may have a comfortable life, but it will not be big if you just think small.

Successful people always think big. They focus on it until they achieve it. You will also have to remember that putting your eggs in one nest is not a good idea. You need to have other investments such as stock market or mutual fund. If there are other money making opportunities, learn how it’s being done and go for it.

Step #5: Believe in Yourself

You can be RICH. You can be wealthy. You can be a MILLIONAIRE. You can. Just BELIEVE it with all your heart, mind and soul.

Wake up every morning ready to conquer the world. That way of thinking will attract more success into your life.

Think that nothing is impossible. Being rich is no longer an impossible task for you. If you are well equip with all the knowledge and strategies and have learned the ways how you can achieve that goal, then it is very possible for you to be successful and rich.

As you go along with your millionaire’s journey, things can be tougher. The road that you will walk to will be rougher than usual. But you have to remember that there is no easy road to success. Believe in yourself that you can achieve through it all. Then not only you will likely to succeed but you will really deserve to become a millionaire.


How to turn those Strangers into Friends using Facebook Messenger

The month was February and the year was 2005 when a teenager by the name of Mark Zuckerberg totally changed the social networking industry by launching a website – Facebook.

Today, even after a whole decade has passed, people haven’t stopped using Facebook.

Neither has its sole idea changed – making you known, and making new friends via the internet.

Whether you are an Android user, or iOS, if you have a profile on Facebook, then I am pretty sure you are familiar with the Facebook Messenger.

But most of the times people just have no clue on how to start that conversation with a stranger.

So here are some Facebook messenger tips to turn those strangers into friends.

Be Truthful

Whether you want to talk with a person of the same gender or the opposite one, the most important thing to keep in mind is to always be truthful.

Don’t simply start with “Hey I saw your comment and thought he/she is a nice guy…” Neither a Google search one liner will help you to get into their contact list.

Time has changed; most of the people won’t fall for this.

Just be truthful.

If he/she is beautiful, just start with a straight forward line, like “Hey, I just saw your profile picture, and you are very beautiful.”

Never Be Persistent

This is one Facebook messenger tip that I really want you to follow.

Never ever be persistent.

Do not, I repeat, do not bring in your ego that how dare he/she did not reply to me.

There are a lots and lots of people on Facebook who just don’t like to interact with total strangers.

If you ever feel that the person on the other end is not interested in talking with you, simply digest the fact and move on.

Don’t just activate your stalking mode and start commenting on each of their posts. You don’t want to be reported by them, right?

Be a Gentleman

Well, that’s one thing we always appreciate the other person for “What a gentleman he was.”

You should not be rude with anyone, especially while talking with strangers.

If they text “Please stop texting me,” just respect them and stop texting them.

No point in bashing them. Be a humble person and just move on.

And if you have successful started a conversation with them, don’t start with your dirty texts.

Remain the humble person you are. You don’t want to be known as a pervert, right?

So remember, the chances are really slim, but if it’s meant to be, then it will happen.

Most of the times people will not reply to your messages, you may ask “What is wrong with me?”

Buddy, nothing is wrong with you, it’s just the way how you approach.

And we are pretty sure, if you follow our Facebook messenger tips, they surely you will turn those strangers into real friends.

And never get irritated if things are moving slowly, there’s a very famous quote “When the bonding is slow, the bonding is strong.”