How to Make Money Online 2018

Become an Online Millionaire: How to Make Money Online

With close to four billion estimated to have access to the internet, endless opportunities have opened up online. Regardless of where one comes from or their likes and abilities, there is something for everyone on the internet. Many have made fortunes and created empires by exploiting these opportunities, some of which include:

Tip # 1. By Creating a WordPress Blog

Since its release in 2003, WordPress has been used by many to build their blogs and continues to be a preferred tool for many. It is easy to set up and use which makes it a favorite for many people. Making money from your blog is dependent on factors such as the number of visitors, the revenue model and whether or not you offer any other services on your blog.

After you set up your blog, it is crucial that you identify your target market and customize your content to their needs. This creates a dedicated following for your blog which you can convert into revenue through advertising income. You can also charge to avail exclusive content to your more dedicated followers or even to teach a skill that you excel in.

Some of the most famous bloggers who have gained fame and fortune from blogging include Peter Rojas who started Engadget and earns over $5,000,000 a month and Peter Cashmore of Mashable. Arianna Huffington is perhaps the most successful blogger though with her blog, the Huffington Post making more than $10,000,000 monthly.

Tip # 2. By Writing and Selling eBooks

The advances in technology have transformed our way of doing things and the literary world has been no exception. The popularity and wide use of ebooks has soared in recent times and writing and selling ebooks is making many people fortunes. Writing an eBook takes away the struggle of publishing which can be a tedious and costly process. EBook publishing sites such as Amazon’s Kindle are quickly replacing the publishing houses as more consumers turn to their devices to access their favorite books.

There is no limitation to what you can write about as the digital platform allows for unlimited creativity. Ebooks span a wide range of topics, from thrillers to comedies, self help books to instructional books and even children’s books.

John Locke is probably the most renowned ebook writer after he became the first independent writer to sell one million copies on the Kindle store. Kerry Wilkinson also made the headlines when her self-published ebook, Locked In, became the highest selling book by Amazon in the UK beating other famous authors. ‘The Girl on the Train’, an ebook by Paula Hawkins was even adopted for a movie.

Tip # 3. By Participating In Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an excellent revenue avenue for those who want to make passive income online. To succeed in affiliate marketing, you must first decide on your niche. This helps create a relationship with your clients which makes them more likely to make purchases you recommend. The money being made through affiliate marketing is increasing yearly at a very high rate and it’s one of the most lucrative activities online.

One of the most famous affiliate program online is the Amazon affiliate program which pays between 4-8% commission on any product that a client buys from your recommendation. iWriter affiliate program, which requires that you recommend a client to request an article on iWriter, pays 50% of the earnings from the client.

Tip # 4. By creating YouTube Videos

It is not a secret anymore that YouTube videos can make you reach by becoming an active YouTuber. Here are three of the most famous YouTubers who make millions of dollars by creating and uploading their videos.

Known for his YouTube channel PewDiePie, Swedish video gamer Felix Arvid Ulf Kjelberg won the title of the highest paid YouTuber star in 2016 with an income estimated to 15 million dollars. His videos show him playing and commenting various video games and his channel has now a number of 57,685,575 subscribers. His channel PewDiePie has dominated YouTube over the past years. Kjelberg pays a lot of attention to his fans building a “Bro Army” his channel having a tremendous influence on the gamer community.

Roman Atwood is the most popular YouTube prankster with a number of more than 10 million subscribers. Probably his channel’s most famous prank videos are the ones where he is trying to convince his girlfriend he had killed their own toddler, filming her reactions. Antwood made an approximate number of 8 million dollars in 2016 thanks to his hilarious pranks.

Canadian Lily Singh is a multi-millionaire comedian who’s channel “Superwoman” has now 12.549.777 subscribers. Her videos include comedy sketches and music videos. In her videos Singh had guest stars like Gina Rodriguez, Victoria Justice and even Michelle Obama Singh and she appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. Her channel made an estimated number of 7.5 million dollars in 2016.

Tip # 5. Becoming a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant (or VA) is basically someone who earns money by providing professional administrative, technical or creative assistance for one or many clients from a home office. There are usually self-employed and they have the opportunity to complete their tasks from anywhere in the world, either their homes or while traveling. The services they offer include: data entry, payroll, research, email management, bookkeeping, customer support, social media management, coaching, marketing, copywriting and many others.

All you need for performing as a VA is a computer, an internet connection and a professional attitude. The good thing with this kind of job is that you can work as much as you can and your schedule is up to you.

Tip # 6. Be a Freelancer

Freelancing is one of the best and easy ways to earn money online having the ability to work anywhere in the world not only on the comfort of your home. Freelancing means that you make money having different jobs, short-term assignments or contracts with various companies, websites, organizations, etc.

The internet is offering now plenty of opportunities to earn money working as a freelancer online. There are many online freelancing sites where freelancers can make an account and start exploring for jobs such as Upwork, Elance, peopleperhour and Simply hired. Of course having more accounts on different freelancing sites means more potential job opportunities.

The good thing is that on these platforms you can always find jobs that don’t require a certain expertise. Any reliable person with an eye for detail can have jobs like: research, proofreading, virtual assistance, article writing, translation (if you qualify) and many others.

Without a doubt, you can become a MILLIONAIRE. With those tips mentioned, how to make money online and how to make money on the internet, nothing is impossible for you to reach your goal of becoming a millionaire soon.

How to Become a Millionaire in 5 Easy Steps

How to Become a Millionaire in 5 Easy Steps

Step #1: Read Books to Learn and Earn

If you want to be a millionaire, you have to invest on learning. You cannot be a millionaire overnight but you can learn how to be rich and wealthy and a billionaire sooner.

There are a lot of books that will guide you on how to be rich. Read all of them. It will teach you what you have to do step by step so that you will become a millionaire.

The good thing about reading aside from having a guide is that you will be inspired. Inspiration is the best motivation that you should have so that it will drive you to keep on pursuing your dreams.

Step #2: Go with Successful People and Learn from Them

Being with successful people is contagious. You have to always be with people who become rich in their field. It’s the best way you can learn from them. You must be in the places where they are.

Rich people don’t hang out where they will not be productive. They usually go to the places where they will gain more networks. Even if they are already rich, they are still trying to learn from each other. Talking to another successful person will broaden the way you think. This will help you on how you can be more successful.

As they say, walk the walk, talk the talk. If you walk among successful people, you will likely to become one as well. If you talk like a millionaire, then it increases the possibility of you becoming rich too.

Step #3: Set Higher Goals

Don’t just settle for what you already have. Being contented is not a bad thing. However, if you want to become a millionaire, you have to set a higher goal for yourself.

Rich people don’t stop when they already achieve one goal. They keep on setting more goals and keep on achieving them. This is how they build their wealth. They keep on pursuing and increasing their net worth. That way, you will not become just a one day millionaire. You can keep it for a lifetime.

Step #4: Think Big

Thinking big can be scary. But from a successful person’s perspective, it will not be worth it if your plans will not scare you a little. Being rich is not always playing safe. You will have to invest your time, energy and money so it will grow overtime. It is not enough for you to just have money in the bank.

Think big so that you will be inspired to strive harder. Sometimes it is not about hard work. You should learn how to be SMART. If you are planning to have a business, don’t go for just a small scale. It will not earn you enough money to be a millionaire. You may have a comfortable life, but it will not be big if you just think small.

Successful people always think big. They focus on it until they achieve it. You will also have to remember that putting your eggs in one nest is not a good idea. You need to have other investments such as stock market or mutual fund. If there are other money making opportunities, learn how it’s being done and go for it.

Step #5: Believe in Yourself

You can be RICH. You can be wealthy. You can be a MILLIONAIRE. You can. Just BELIEVE it with all your heart, mind and soul.

Wake up every morning ready to conquer the world. That way of thinking will attract more success into your life.

Think that nothing is impossible. Being rich is no longer an impossible task for you. If you are well equip with all the knowledge and strategies and have learned the ways how you can achieve that goal, then it is very possible for you to be successful and rich.

As you go along with your millionaire’s journey, things can be tougher. The road that you will walk to will be rougher than usual. But you have to remember that there is no easy road to success. Believe in yourself that you can achieve through it all. Then not only you will likely to succeed but you will really deserve to become a millionaire.


How to turn those Strangers into Friends using Facebook Messenger

The month was February and the year was 2005 when a teenager by the name of Mark Zuckerberg totally changed the social networking industry by launching a website – Facebook.

Today, even after a whole decade has passed, people haven’t stopped using Facebook.

Neither has its sole idea changed – making you known, and making new friends via the internet.

Whether you are an Android user, or iOS, if you have a profile on Facebook, then I am pretty sure you are familiar with the Facebook Messenger.

But most of the times people just have no clue on how to start that conversation with a stranger.

So here are some Facebook messenger tips to turn those strangers into friends.

Be Truthful

Whether you want to talk with a person of the same gender or the opposite one, the most important thing to keep in mind is to always be truthful.

Don’t simply start with “Hey I saw your comment and thought he/she is a nice guy…” Neither a Google search one liner will help you to get into their contact list.

Time has changed; most of the people won’t fall for this.

Just be truthful.

If he/she is beautiful, just start with a straight forward line, like “Hey, I just saw your profile picture, and you are very beautiful.”

Never Be Persistent

This is one Facebook messenger tip that I really want you to follow.

Never ever be persistent.

Do not, I repeat, do not bring in your ego that how dare he/she did not reply to me.

There are a lots and lots of people on Facebook who just don’t like to interact with total strangers.

If you ever feel that the person on the other end is not interested in talking with you, simply digest the fact and move on.

Don’t just activate your stalking mode and start commenting on each of their posts. You don’t want to be reported by them, right?

Be a Gentleman

Well, that’s one thing we always appreciate the other person for “What a gentleman he was.”

You should not be rude with anyone, especially while talking with strangers.

If they text “Please stop texting me,” just respect them and stop texting them.

No point in bashing them. Be a humble person and just move on.

And if you have successful started a conversation with them, don’t start with your dirty texts.

Remain the humble person you are. You don’t want to be known as a pervert, right?

So remember, the chances are really slim, but if it’s meant to be, then it will happen.

Most of the times people will not reply to your messages, you may ask “What is wrong with me?”

Buddy, nothing is wrong with you, it’s just the way how you approach.

And we are pretty sure, if you follow our Facebook messenger tips, they surely you will turn those strangers into real friends.

And never get irritated if things are moving slowly, there’s a very famous quote “When the bonding is slow, the bonding is strong.”

SUCCESS MINDSET: Differences Between the Poor and Rich People’s Mindset

The Differences between the Rich Mindset versus the Poor Mindset

Do you want to know what is the difference between the rich and the poor people? It’s simple, their mindset. Here are the examples on how these two classes of people differs.

Mindset #1. Managing Money for the Rich People vs Wasting Money for the Poor People

You can already spot the difference. Rich people manage their money wisely. They always make sure that when they spend, they will always get the most out of their money. The rich people will focus more on the quality and don’t mind if they have to pay a higher price. That is to make sure that they can use what they bought for a very long time.

How about the poor people? Instead of managing their hard earned money, they are better in wasting it. They are more into fad items that they don’t really need. They just buy it because everyone has it. Most of the times, they buy cheap products with low quality just to keep up. The end result, they lost the money and a defective item. What a waste!

Mindset #2. Rich people wants to get paid based on the results while poor people wants to get paid based from the time they invested

Rich people are mostly businessmen and entrepreneurs. They focus on the results of a certain project and ask to get paid based on the value of it. It will mean more income regardless of the time spent working.

Poor people demands on getting paid per hour as mostly, employees are getting paid for their time. By doing this, you will not earn more or less of what your rate is. Means you are restricted to earn more.

Mindset #3. The rich people promote themselves and their values while poor people have a negative self worth

Rich people highlights what they can do. They do not have to bring up their weaknesses. If any, they are willing to work on it to become a better person. It will gain the trust of their clients and have more business to earn from.

Poor people tend to be on the negative side of things. They like to talk about how bad they are into something. Instead, they should be highlighting their skills more. This is due to their belief and low self worth. That’s why they will just stay where they are instead of trying a greener pasture.

Mindset #4. Rich people admire richer people than them but poor people resent rich people

Rich people look up to their own kind. If the person is richer than them, they will idolize the person. They will make sure to be on the same circle so they can learn their ways and lifestyles. That, for them is the best way to become more successful.

Poor people hates rich people. They think that only rich people can have everything. They also believe that if they don’t exist, they can have better lives.

Mindset #5. Rich people focus on the opportunities around them while poor people focus more on obstacles

When a disaster happened, rich people focus more on the opportunities there is in the situation. They believe that everything that is happening can always open an opportunity.

Poor people loves to do the pity party. They focus more with the obstacles. If it seems so hard, they will just give up and feel sorry for themselves.

Mindset #6. The rich people always think big while poor people only thinks small

Why do you have to think small if you can think big? Rich people always think big. They don’t waste their time with small projects that will not give them big results.

Poor people thinks small because they are afraid to get disappointed. They believe that the smaller their dreams are, the more achievable they will be. The result of thinking small is to stay poor.

From these examples, which one are you? Do you have the rich mindset or the poor mindset? If you want to stay poor, then you can continue practicing that mindset. But if you want to get rich, then it’s time to change how you think. Think they way rich people and millionaires do.

The 5 P’s of a SUCCESSFUL Life

The 5 P’s of a SUCCESSFUL Life

We all want to succeed in life – in fact, we want to succeed in everything we do. But the secret to success lies not only on your skill but on the comprehensive alignment of five components – PASSION. PATIENCE. PERSISTENCE. PURPOSE. PRAYER. Kung akala mo kaya mo lahat daanin sa galing o sa angas lang, nagkakamali ka. Kailangan mo pa rin lahat nang nabanggit ko para talagang successful ka.

Today I would like to speak to you about these components that would make you a truly successful individual, no matter where you are, no matter what you do.


When we talk about your passion – we talk about something that you love doing – come hell or high water. Harangan ka man ng sibat, walang makakapigil sa iyo. Dahil yan ang gusto mo – yan ang passion mo – ito ang nagtutulak sa iyo na gumawa – upang maging maligaya. In a world that is driven by passion, you must have one thing you are truly passionate about. You need to be able to align your actions and your decision based on your passion. This would be your underlying motivation – your burning desire to keep things going. Kung di ka passionate, laging me kulang sa ginagawa mo – laging mayroong nawawala – hindi buo ang naibibigay mo. Hindi ka satisfied, hindi ka contented. Whereas when you are passionate, you would give everything to make sure it is going to be successful – your time, your effort, your resources – everything will be lined up for you. And more importantly, you will be happy in what you are doing.


We keep on hearing – patience is a virtue. Yes. It is a virtue that would allow you to succeed in life. Walang overnight sensation na nagtatagal – ang nananalo palagi yung may sipag, may tiyaga at may pasensya na mag-adapt sa lahat ng mga nangyayari sa inyong buhay. There will always be a good time to act – there will always be a great time to decide. You do not succeed when you make impulsive decisions – you succeed when you make patient decisions – you wait out everything before acting, you make sure of everything first before you commit. It’s not cowardice, it’s not indecision – you are simply making sure everything is in place before you move. There lies the difference. Hindi naman maganda ang ora-orada di ba?


Just because you didn’t get the desired result, you would give up? This is not a winning attitude. Winners do not always start as winners. Some falter, some take a knee, some take a fall or two before really being successful. Hindi lahat ng panalo, nagsisimula sa panalo – minsan sila ay natatalo muna pero laging bumabangon. It’s comparable to the frog that was being told to stop by his colleagues. He didn’t stop until he reached the end. His colleagues were astonished to find out he was deaf! We must be stubborn sometimes – minsan, may patutunguhan ang pagiging matigas ang ulo – kung kakayanin mo lahat ng dumarating sa iyo, you will undeniably find success. You just have to be positively persistent – you need to be making the right decisions.


You have to make sure before you begin to do anything to ask yourself, what is my ultimate purpose? Is this going to be for the common good? Is this going to be for the betterment of others or just for myself? Normally, ang mga nagtatagumpay inuuna ang kapakanan ng mas nakararami bago ang kanyang sarili. Sabihin mo nang napakaidealistic ng statement na yun, but it is real – it is what really happens. Yes, you may profit from your venture, you may get money from everything you do but the most important thing that you have to consider is if it will positively affect the lives of the people around. Always make sure that anything you would do would uplift the lives of others – because if that is your purpose, you would easily meet with success – because your purpose is truthful, pure and is undeniably for the common good.


Of course, no one really becomes successful without the guidance from the Heavenly father – or upon whomever you call for guidance. Lahat tayo need ng divine inspiration, need natin ang divine intervention – kasi we have to be able to see the hand of the Almighty. Prayer is not only a plea for guidance, it would also be a silent commune with ourselves. During our time of reflection, our time of prayer, we contemplate and we seek the balance in everything we do. And in this time, we get clarity – we get the guidance we need to make things happen. Nakikita natin ang ating dapat gawin, ano ba ang ating dapat tahakin, nang mas malinaw? Prayer not only leads us closer to the Almighty, it also gives us an avenue to look for the solutions that we need – the path of enlightenment, the path to success.

Success is worthwhile when it is founded on the 5Ps – PASSION. PATIENCE. PERSISTENCE. PURPOSE. PRAYER. These things make it possible to be a balanced individual – make it possible for you to be as good as you can be. This would be a good balance – a good foundation for someone who seeks to make his mark in this world, in this society that is thirsty for people who would continuously shine so that others would also shine in his light.

God Bless!