Importance of Money in Our Daily Life

importance of money in our daily life

Do you need money? What is the role of money in our life?

What really is the importance of money in our daily life? Money, money, money – it makes the world go round – and can actually be the root of all evil in this world. However, it can also be a very good way to spread happiness to those who have nothing – it can be a very good thing to have when there are good intentions that need to be funded because it can guarantee the delivery of such supplies to fill the need.

As they always say, everything in this world has to have two sides – it is just the way of the world. Everything can be used for good and consequently it also has some bad things when it is exploited. Money, being one of the most fundamental concepts in this economics driven world, is not exempt from such things.

Importance of Money in Our Daily Life

Here are seven benefits of having enough money in our lives. Remember though, that while money is needed – it doesn’t mean that we should always be after it. It only means that we should be able to strive in such a manner that we would have enough to live by and help other people who need our assistance.

You can take care of yourself much better.

Without nothing much to worry about because you have money on your pockets, you can absolutely take care of yourself much better. You can have less stress and indulge in activities that would pamper you and keep you fresh. You can indulge in spas, fitness classes and other things that would help you become healthier and much better. It may sound a bit materialistic, but being attractive can always have its merits – it may translate to better opportunities to learn, to earn and to enjoy life!

You can become more relaxed.

With money to spare – you wouldn’t need to worry where the next meal would come from or even if you would be eating at the right time. Less things to worry about – makes you feel much more relaxed – less stressed and you would be much better because of it. You can go to places where you want to go – participate and listen to your favorite bands’ concerts and eat the best food you want.

You can travel and be immersed in various experiences much more.

You can experience different cultures – you can immerse yourself in other places and live one-of-a-kind moments which would be beneficial for your overall health. You can be a traveler – and learn about the different customs and traditions of different places. As they say, traveling is the only thing you pay for that gives you something back in return.

You can be healthier.

With a lot of lifestyle diseases plaguing society nowadays, it is important that you would be able to secure the best medical healthcare service and vitamins and other supplements for your family. Having access to the best hospitals and procedures would help you become physically better – and you and your family would be all the better for it.

You can help others much more.

Making more money will not always be the end all and be all – giving some of it away to help others in need would be a good thing to make you feel better. You can fund grants; you can give associations the seed money – you can even start a foundation to help the needy. While money can never buy complete happiness – it can help you to feel better about what you do for others. Be generous – be gracious and it will come back to you a hundredfold.

You have less worries about meeting the basic necessities.

Because you have money in your pockets – you can have as much good food as you need – as much clothing that you can have and even have a better chance at life with better educational services. Having money gives you better access to these things and more – so make sure you have some money in your pocket and in the bank to keep your family comfortable.

You can have a healthier and better life.

Money would help you live longer – either because of healthier choices or because you have access to better healthcare or have a better lifestyle. Research shows that those who have more money have longer life expectancies. So while it is not the end all and be all – having some money would be good if you really want to live longer.

So, do you still wonder about how important money is in our daily lives? We do need to have some cash to burn because the quality of our life becomes better with some money on the side. Again, I would like to remind you that money is not the central matter in our lives – but it does help to smoothen out the rough patches we are going to experience.

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How to Make Money Online 2018

Become an Online Millionaire: How to Make Money Online

With close to four billion estimated to have access to the internet, endless opportunities have opened up online. Regardless of where one comes from or their likes and abilities, there is something for everyone on the internet. Many have made fortunes and created empires by exploiting these opportunities, some of which include:

Tip # 1. By Creating a WordPress Blog

Since its release in 2003, WordPress has been used by many to build their blogs and continues to be a preferred tool for many. It is easy to set up and use which makes it a favorite for many people. Making money from your blog is dependent on factors such as the number of visitors, the revenue model and whether or not you offer any other services on your blog.

After you set up your blog, it is crucial that you identify your target market and customize your content to their needs. This creates a dedicated following for your blog which you can convert into revenue through advertising income. You can also charge to avail exclusive content to your more dedicated followers or even to teach a skill that you excel in.

Some of the most famous bloggers who have gained fame and fortune from blogging include Peter Rojas who started Engadget and earns over $5,000,000 a month and Peter Cashmore of Mashable. Arianna Huffington is perhaps the most successful blogger though with her blog, the Huffington Post making more than $10,000,000 monthly.

Tip # 2. By Writing and Selling eBooks

The advances in technology have transformed our way of doing things and the literary world has been no exception. The popularity and wide use of ebooks has soared in recent times and writing and selling ebooks is making many people fortunes. Writing an eBook takes away the struggle of publishing which can be a tedious and costly process. EBook publishing sites such as Amazon’s Kindle are quickly replacing the publishing houses as more consumers turn to their devices to access their favorite books.

There is no limitation to what you can write about as the digital platform allows for unlimited creativity. Ebooks span a wide range of topics, from thrillers to comedies, self help books to instructional books and even children’s books.

John Locke is probably the most renowned ebook writer after he became the first independent writer to sell one million copies on the Kindle store. Kerry Wilkinson also made the headlines when her self-published ebook, Locked In, became the highest selling book by Amazon in the UK beating other famous authors. ‘The Girl on the Train’, an ebook by Paula Hawkins was even adopted for a movie.

Tip # 3. By Participating In Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an excellent revenue avenue for those who want to make passive income online. To succeed in affiliate marketing, you must first decide on your niche. This helps create a relationship with your clients which makes them more likely to make purchases you recommend. The money being made through affiliate marketing is increasing yearly at a very high rate and it’s one of the most lucrative activities online.

One of the most famous affiliate program online is the Amazon affiliate program which pays between 4-8% commission on any product that a client buys from your recommendation. iWriter affiliate program, which requires that you recommend a client to request an article on iWriter, pays 50% of the earnings from the client.

Tip # 4. By creating YouTube Videos

It is not a secret anymore that YouTube videos can make you reach by becoming an active YouTuber. Here are three of the most famous YouTubers who make millions of dollars by creating and uploading their videos.

Known for his YouTube channel PewDiePie, Swedish video gamer Felix Arvid Ulf Kjelberg won the title of the highest paid YouTuber star in 2016 with an income estimated to 15 million dollars. His videos show him playing and commenting various video games and his channel has now a number of 57,685,575 subscribers. His channel PewDiePie has dominated YouTube over the past years. Kjelberg pays a lot of attention to his fans building a “Bro Army” his channel having a tremendous influence on the gamer community.

Roman Atwood is the most popular YouTube prankster with a number of more than 10 million subscribers. Probably his channel’s most famous prank videos are the ones where he is trying to convince his girlfriend he had killed their own toddler, filming her reactions. Antwood made an approximate number of 8 million dollars in 2016 thanks to his hilarious pranks.

Canadian Lily Singh is a multi-millionaire comedian who’s channel “Superwoman” has now 12.549.777 subscribers. Her videos include comedy sketches and music videos. In her videos Singh had guest stars like Gina Rodriguez, Victoria Justice and even Michelle Obama Singh and she appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. Her channel made an estimated number of 7.5 million dollars in 2016.

Tip # 5. Becoming a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant (or VA) is basically someone who earns money by providing professional administrative, technical or creative assistance for one or many clients from a home office. There are usually self-employed and they have the opportunity to complete their tasks from anywhere in the world, either their homes or while traveling. The services they offer include: data entry, payroll, research, email management, bookkeeping, customer support, social media management, coaching, marketing, copywriting and many others.

All you need for performing as a VA is a computer, an internet connection and a professional attitude. The good thing with this kind of job is that you can work as much as you can and your schedule is up to you.

Tip # 6. Be a Freelancer

Freelancing is one of the best and easy ways to earn money online having the ability to work anywhere in the world not only on the comfort of your home. Freelancing means that you make money having different jobs, short-term assignments or contracts with various companies, websites, organizations, etc.

The internet is offering now plenty of opportunities to earn money working as a freelancer online. There are many online freelancing sites where freelancers can make an account and start exploring for jobs such as Upwork, Elance, peopleperhour and Simply hired. Of course having more accounts on different freelancing sites means more potential job opportunities.

The good thing is that on these platforms you can always find jobs that don’t require a certain expertise. Any reliable person with an eye for detail can have jobs like: research, proofreading, virtual assistance, article writing, translation (if you qualify) and many others.

Without a doubt, you can become a MILLIONAIRE. With those tips mentioned, how to make money online and how to make money on the internet, nothing is impossible for you to reach your goal of becoming a millionaire soon.

How to Become a Millionaire in 5 Easy Steps

How to Become a Millionaire in 5 Easy Steps

Step #1: Read Books to Learn and Earn

If you want to be a millionaire, you have to invest on learning. You cannot be a millionaire overnight but you can learn how to be rich and wealthy and a billionaire sooner.

There are a lot of books that will guide you on how to be rich. Read all of them. It will teach you what you have to do step by step so that you will become a millionaire.

The good thing about reading aside from having a guide is that you will be inspired. Inspiration is the best motivation that you should have so that it will drive you to keep on pursuing your dreams.

Step #2: Go with Successful People and Learn from Them

Being with successful people is contagious. You have to always be with people who become rich in their field. It’s the best way you can learn from them. You must be in the places where they are.

Rich people don’t hang out where they will not be productive. They usually go to the places where they will gain more networks. Even if they are already rich, they are still trying to learn from each other. Talking to another successful person will broaden the way you think. This will help you on how you can be more successful.

As they say, walk the walk, talk the talk. If you walk among successful people, you will likely to become one as well. If you talk like a millionaire, then it increases the possibility of you becoming rich too.

Step #3: Set Higher Goals

Don’t just settle for what you already have. Being contented is not a bad thing. However, if you want to become a millionaire, you have to set a higher goal for yourself.

Rich people don’t stop when they already achieve one goal. They keep on setting more goals and keep on achieving them. This is how they build their wealth. They keep on pursuing and increasing their net worth. That way, you will not become just a one day millionaire. You can keep it for a lifetime.

Step #4: Think Big

Thinking big can be scary. But from a successful person’s perspective, it will not be worth it if your plans will not scare you a little. Being rich is not always playing safe. You will have to invest your time, energy and money so it will grow overtime. It is not enough for you to just have money in the bank.

Think big so that you will be inspired to strive harder. Sometimes it is not about hard work. You should learn how to be SMART. If you are planning to have a business, don’t go for just a small scale. It will not earn you enough money to be a millionaire. You may have a comfortable life, but it will not be big if you just think small.

Successful people always think big. They focus on it until they achieve it. You will also have to remember that putting your eggs in one nest is not a good idea. You need to have other investments such as stock market or mutual fund. If there are other money making opportunities, learn how it’s being done and go for it.

Step #5: Believe in Yourself

You can be RICH. You can be wealthy. You can be a MILLIONAIRE. You can. Just BELIEVE it with all your heart, mind and soul.

Wake up every morning ready to conquer the world. That way of thinking will attract more success into your life.

Think that nothing is impossible. Being rich is no longer an impossible task for you. If you are well equip with all the knowledge and strategies and have learned the ways how you can achieve that goal, then it is very possible for you to be successful and rich.

As you go along with your millionaire’s journey, things can be tougher. The road that you will walk to will be rougher than usual. But you have to remember that there is no easy road to success. Believe in yourself that you can achieve through it all. Then not only you will likely to succeed but you will really deserve to become a millionaire.