Reasons Why Filipinos Choose to Become Overseas Filipino Workers

reasons why filipinos choose to become overseas filipino workers

In this post, you will learn the reasons why Filipinos choose to become overseas Filipino workers or OFWs.

In general, we Filipinos are family-oriented and we have close family ties. It can even be said, that we have the biggest families in the world – as we tend to form relations and keep them close to our hearts as a matter of principle. However, it also comes with the realization that a big family – whether it is the organic family or the extended family – needs to be nourished, needs to be kept going – and sometimes, it entails a long time away from them because we are going to look for greener pastures.

And nowadays, we have to be practical because the rising cost of living drains a huge toll on the finances of even the ones with the stable jobs in the country. And so, a lot of Filipinos choose to sacrifice family time to ensure the stability of the family in the future – by going abroad and toiling as modern day heroes – as Overseas Filipino Workers.

Reasons Why Filipinos Choose to Become Overseas Filipino Workers

If you have been wondering what are the reasons why Filipinos tend to work as OFWs, then wonder no more as we seek to enlighten you with these reasons, culled from OFWs themselves:

Better salaries and benefits.

One of the primary reasons why Filipinos risk going abroad is the higher level of salaries and benefits which they would be getting for their sweat equity. It is the sad reality that the income level in the country pales in comparison with those of other locations. We lag behind in this level because of the severe economic implications and the difficulties of having such a high salary level in our land. So, Pinoys who wish to have a better life seek opportunities elsewhere justifying that they would have to earn much more abroad than toil for lesser money in the country. Come to think of it, it does make perfect sense.

Unstable economic conditions.

There is certainly no job security that can be had because of the unstable economic conditions. Varying economic policies have sometimes caused this – creating economic lags that make it difficult for industries to thrive and for jobs to be continuously created for the masses. While the economy may be said to be thriving, the effects have yet to trickle to the common man which forces a lot of Pinoys to look for better jobs – however menial it may be – abroad.

Familial pressure and peer influence.

Let’s face it – some OFWS get pressured into the situation because they see that their friends and their neighbors are getting somewhere in life because they went to take jobs abroad. It does take some pressure because you want to improve your lifestyle even just a little bit – and so you look for that perfect job away from your family.

Better career advancement opportunities.

It is a sad truth that we all have to face, there is still so much discrimination in the workplace that some people who are qualified get stepped on due to connections – and it does make for difficult career advancement opportunities. So, for some OFWs who have become disenchanted with such practice, they look for better opportunities abroad because they want to prove their worth – and in fact, a lot of them do when they leave our shores.

Job discrimination.

Whether we admit it or not, there still is discrimination in the workplace. Some people who are qualified get sidetracked because someone with a pleasing personality fits better in the position even though she is sub-qualified. Some industries tend to look at the academic background and the other consideration rather than the things that should matter. And that discourages some people who cannot find their niche because of such situations.

Opportunity for travel and culture-exchange.

What better way to travel than to get a job broad? After some time, you get to visit such places which you have only previously hear of or seen on books or on television. It is a way to expand your horizons, so to speak. You may have a menial job in the office but you have a lot of good memories to share and a higher salary to boot!

It’s always been their dream.

Well, we cannot fault some OFWs for pursuing their dreams, right? Some OFWs really do not want to stay and work in the country in the first place as they have been dreaming of working internationally since their childhood. And who’s to say its wrong?

The government supports OFWs.

Because the government knows that they have to create a good service for these people who bring in valuable income for the government through their timely remittances – they get better services as well – a good trade-off for their sacrifices away from the family.

Job mismatches.

Some licensed professionals do not get to enjoy the fruits of their labor in the industry they worked so hard to earn a degree in – so it is a good thing to find jobs abroad which would better suit them and their dreams. Better to be able to practice what you have learned than to toil in the native country in a job mismatch that does you no justice seems to be the popular justification for this reason.

High unemployment rate.

Which is, all things considered, essentially true. There is a high unemployment rate in the country and it is commendable that they do not want to be included in the ranks of the unemployed so they rather would find some better opportunities abroad.

There are certainly so many more reasons why Filipinos choose to go abroad to follow their dreams. While it certainly is not an easy task to be an OFW, some people realize it is the only way to become a better person – both financially and otherwise. So they would rather suffer the time away from family physically than to see their fortunes suffer because of it.

Practical Tips for OFWs – Ways to Save More Money Everyday

ways to save money everyday

Practical Money Saving Tips for Overseas Filipino Workers

There are practical ways to save money everyday.

Nowadays, practicality trumps luxuries. We have to realize that even if we do have a high-paying job, we cannot have it until the end of time as our productive years would dwindle and we might not be able to prepare for it properly. What is disturbing, is not a lot of people realize this – and some just do not seem to care.

Practical Tips for Overseas Filipino Workers – Ways to Save More Money Everyday

Overseas Filipino Workers are among the most distinguished classes in Philippine society and some of them still really do not get the idea that they have to save for a better future. We cannot have that because we have to live as best as we can – and we have to be able to educate them to become frugal and practical for their future.

Here are some practical tips for OFWs to be able to save some money so that they can secure their family’s futures. Remember, it may be difficult at first, but when you get to start it, it would suddenly become automatic and integral to your routines.

Set your priorities.

Before you do anything – make sure you know for whom and for what you are doing things for! Make sure you know that you are doing this for your family – you must always remember that! It’s all about the attitude and remembering for whom it is you’re toiling for away from your country! As one of the commercials so truthfully said, “Para kanino ka ba gumigising?”

Never follow the bandwagon.

Lots of people follow the bandwagon especially when it comes to gadgets and other cool stuff. You really do not have to follow them – you have to be practical – you do not need to change phones every six months. You have to be practical – yes, I did say it again! – and do not bend to the temptation. Yes, it may look out of place – but you have to use it until it stops working! It’s all about the savings and not the prestige!

Plan for your meals and purchases.

Yes, you yearn for some Pinoy style cooking every once in a while but it does not mean that you wouldn’t budget for your food and for your purchases! You have to be able to shop on a budget and if you can buy in bulk, it would be better because it would mean more discounts for you! And if you can even use coupons to save even more, why, do it because it’s going to lessen the money that comes out of your wallet when you shop!

Don’t use credit cards left and right.

Credit cards are good alright – but they also are a temptation that you do not have to use almost every time! Credit cards carry a huge interest load and any debts have to be paid up if you do not want them to accumulate and saddle you up for the long time. While they may be convenient you also have to use them judiciously. Use them but never be too dependent on them. You do not want credit card debt to rule your life!

Don’t think you are depriving yourself.

It’s all about the attitude. You should never think you are depriving yourself NOW – because you are saving for the LATER – for the FUTURE – your future and your family’s future. So get your head on straight and be wise about your spending habits!

Find yourself a side business.

Dare we say it again – yes! BE PRACTICAL! If you can find another job – say as a freelancer or if you can sell stuff online, do so because it can add to your savings stash in a hurry. Nowadays, it is better if you have several income streams that could add to your money – it is after all a way to improve your financial standing.

Get advice from financial experts.

Financial advisers could and would help you to get your finances in order – you would be given suggestions as to how to handle your money – where to invest them to get the highest returns and how to make them grow more and more. So, if you find a good financial adviser, make sure to get his services so you can extricate yourself from the wallows of poverty.

OFWs have to realize that their productive years are limited and their incomes are not set for life. They have to realize that even if they dock huge paydays – they have to be able to budget their money so they would have a sizable nest egg that they can utilize for their later years. It is also wise to be able to invest in instruments that would be giving them huge returns for their future.

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Golden Advice and Tips for Overseas Filipino Workers

Sa lahat ng mga OFW, basahin ninyo ito…

Golden advice and tips for Overseas Filipino Workers. We all know that many of us who choose to be Overseas Filipino Workers did it because they know that their families would be better off with their decisions. It would be financially practical for the family to have someone earning more from their jobs abroad than just staying put in the country. It may be difficult to be away from them for such long periods of time but it has to be done for the family’s betterment. It would be difficult but someone has got to do it.

Golden Advice and Tips for Overseas Filipino Workers

Here are some golden advice and tips for overseas Filipino workers (Ofws) who find that they are wavering in their belief that their decision to be away from their family is the sound and the best decision that they can make.

Handa ka na ba?

Always Remember This – Maging Tapat Lagi sa Asawa Mo.

Eksakto! Siya ang kapartner mo sa buhay – kaya wag na wag mo syang lolokohin. While there are certainly some documented and undocumented instances of adultery abroad, you should not be among the ones who are doing it. Isipin mo kung gaano rin nagtitiis ang asawa mo na malayo sa kalinga mo. Isipin mo kung ano ang mawawala sa iyo kung hahanap or, pardon the term, kakalantari ka ng iba sa ibang bansa. You would only be satisfying a temporary craving for intimacy – but you would be destroying a lifelong relationship if you do it. So be faithful sa asawa mo. Remember, you promised to be with each other through thick and thin. You should remember those vows you made every day.

Top Priority – Bayaran Mo ang Utang na Naiwan sa Pinas.

Naku, naku, naku. Hindi ibig sabihin na nasa abroad ka e mayaman ka na agad. You need to pay off your loans first para naman makausod-usod ka at magkaroon ng magandang kinabukasan ang pamilya mo. You need to be able to pay off your debts first so you would have the chance to save and make a proper decision to build a better future for your family. Alisin muna ang pagkakautang hane?

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Huwag dagdagan ang mga utang.

And for crying out loud, wag nang magdagdag utang pa. Mahirap mapalagay sa cycle na ganito – you have to be wise – you need to be wise. You have to be able to live within your means – and realize that being an OFW is not a lifelong job. Hindi ito katulad ng mga nasa government na panghabangbuhay ang trabaho – minsan hindi ka makakarenew agad ng contract – e saan ka pupulutin kung puro utang ka? Kaya kahit nasa abroad ka na, pigil pigil din sa gastos pag me time. It would be better for you.

Huwag laging maluho – Ipon or iPhone?

Always think of savings before anything else. Meron ka ngang mamahaling gadget – but do you know that in six months’ time it would be devalued? Wala na yang halaga halos in six months’ time! Samantala, your savings would have grown (even though not by much) in six months’ time! Ipon muna bago ang lahat. Remember, take the idea of the older generation – as long as it still works – use it. If it stops working repair it. Do not fall prey to the culture of commercialism – you are not an ATM! Di ka nagluluwa ng pera!

Save part of your money – maghigpit ng sinturon.

Ika nga sa salawikain, kung may isinuksok, may madudukot. If you have no savings – how would you survive when you come back home? If you have no savings, how would you survive without your income? Isip-isip muna di ba? Pag wala ka na muna ulit kontrata, saan ka pupulutin kung wala kayong ipon? Balik na naman sa pangungutang? Ay naku, walang kakaratingan ang pagaabroad mo kung ganyan!

Look for other income opportunities – Read and Learn.

Remember, hindi nakakasama ang pagbabasa at pageexplore ng mga income opportunities. Makakatulong ito para mas mapabilis ang pagdami ng ipon mo. Wag ka nga lang magpapaloko kasi kawawa ka sigurado. Learn new methods of earning while doing minimal work – learn about making passive income work for you and when you come back home, you would be better because of it.

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Panoorin mo ang VIDEO na ito kung paano niya ginagawa ang negosyo.

Be Frugal – Magtipid Ka!

Unang una, hindi ka ATM. Pangalawa, hindi ka namumunga ng pera. Kaya you have to be frugal in every sense of the word. Hindi naman sinasabi na maging kuripot ka – sinasabi lang na you have to be wise in spending because there is no indefatigable source of money. Ikaw rin, you have to be able to realize this because you might be facing a dilemma because of this. Pakahirap ka nang pakahirap sa abroad tapos wala kang pera pagbalik. #anukayayun?

Don’t be an OFW forever.

Mahirap magpaalila sa ibang bansa. Kung hindi mo pa ranas yan, ewan ko na lang. Nakakaiyak mawalay sa mga mahal mo sa buhay. Dami mong napapalampas na magagandang selebrasyon – birthdays, debuts, kasal, binyag, libing – halos lahat na lang ata di mo napuntahan dahil malayo ka. Tapos gusto mo magtagal dyan habangbuhay? Impossible yan. You have to realize that sometime soon, your productive years would be over and you have to come back home. Tapos ano mauuwian mo? Hindi ka kilala, or di ka naaappreciate kasi wala ka na sa abroad? Saklap di ba?

Plan your future.

It is no longer good to just go with the flow. Dapat me plano ka. Hindi yung basta ka na lang banat nang banat ika nga. Kailangan me plano kayong mag-asawa o pamilya para makaahon kayo sa hirap. Mas masarap na makita kung paano gumagana ang perang pinaghihirapan mo. Dapat magkaroon ka ng concrete evidence kung paano ka kumita. Dapat me maipakita kang negosyo, bahay at ibang mga assets, after all is said and done. Dapat meron kang mapagtapos sa mga kaanak mo after everything is through. Di ba?

Be Wise – Learn how to invest your money.

You have to be able to make your money grow. Hindi pwedeng nakatago lang yan sa ilalim ng unan. Dapat humanap ka ng isang finance advisor para mapalago pa ang pera mo na hawak ngayon. Make it grow so it would be more – the more money you have, the more savings you would have for your future. The more investments you have the better it is for your future din. Secure your future – be wise and invest your money in investment vehicles with good returns.

Be Prepared – Laging Maghanda sa mga Ondoy at Yolanda ng Buhay.

Lahat tayo magdaraan sa mga pagsubok. Hindi pwedeng sa isang iglap wala lahat ng mga pinagpaguran mo. Magkaroon ng separate accounts for such instances – for funeral expenses, for celebrations, etc. Better be safe than sorry di ba? Pwede mong seed money yung passive income mo dito sa mga accounts mo. Yung rent ng isang property sa isang buwan ihulog mo sa isang account – yung sa isang buwan pa, sa ibang account – mapapaikot ang pera basta wais ka lang.

Trust in the Lord all the days of your Life.

Ito ang pinakaimportante. No matter where you are, no matter who you are with, always put the Lord in your midst and everything would be done according to His Will. Surrender everything to Him and you would find the success you really want to achieve.

These are some simple tips to live by. These are some tips that would help you overcome the sadness and the longing you feel whenever you are away from your family. Lean on these tips and you would never go wrong.