How to turn those Strangers into Friends using Facebook Messenger

The month was February and the year was 2005 when a teenager by the name of Mark Zuckerberg totally changed the social networking industry by launching a website – Facebook.

Today, even after a whole decade has passed, people haven’t stopped using Facebook.

Neither has its sole idea changed – making you known, and making new friends via the internet.

Whether you are an Android user, or iOS, if you have a profile on Facebook, then I am pretty sure you are familiar with the Facebook Messenger.

But most of the times people just have no clue on how to start that conversation with a stranger.

So here are some Facebook messenger tips to turn those strangers into friends.

Be Truthful

Whether you want to talk with a person of the same gender or the opposite one, the most important thing to keep in mind is to always be truthful.

Don’t simply start with “Hey I saw your comment and thought he/she is a nice guy…” Neither a Google search one liner will help you to get into their contact list.

Time has changed; most of the people won’t fall for this.

Just be truthful.

If he/she is beautiful, just start with a straight forward line, like “Hey, I just saw your profile picture, and you are very beautiful.”

Never Be Persistent

This is one Facebook messenger tip that I really want you to follow.

Never ever be persistent.

Do not, I repeat, do not bring in your ego that how dare he/she did not reply to me.

There are a lots and lots of people on Facebook who just don’t like to interact with total strangers.

If you ever feel that the person on the other end is not interested in talking with you, simply digest the fact and move on.

Don’t just activate your stalking mode and start commenting on each of their posts. You don’t want to be reported by them, right?

Be a Gentleman

Well, that’s one thing we always appreciate the other person for “What a gentleman he was.”

You should not be rude with anyone, especially while talking with strangers.

If they text “Please stop texting me,” just respect them and stop texting them.

No point in bashing them. Be a humble person and just move on.

And if you have successful started a conversation with them, don’t start with your dirty texts.

Remain the humble person you are. You don’t want to be known as a pervert, right?

So remember, the chances are really slim, but if it’s meant to be, then it will happen.

Most of the times people will not reply to your messages, you may ask “What is wrong with me?”

Buddy, nothing is wrong with you, it’s just the way how you approach.

And we are pretty sure, if you follow our Facebook messenger tips, they surely you will turn those strangers into real friends.

And never get irritated if things are moving slowly, there’s a very famous quote “When the bonding is slow, the bonding is strong.”