SUCCESS MINDSET: Differences Between the Poor and Rich People’s Mindset

The Differences between the Rich Mindset versus the Poor Mindset

Do you want to know what is the difference between the rich and the poor people? It’s simple, their mindset. Here are the examples on how these two classes of people differs.

Mindset #1. Managing Money for the Rich People vs Wasting Money for the Poor People

You can already spot the difference. Rich people manage their money wisely. They always make sure that when they spend, they will always get the most out of their money. The rich people will focus more on the quality and don’t mind if they have to pay a higher price. That is to make sure that they can use what they bought for a very long time.

How about the poor people? Instead of managing their hard earned money, they are better in wasting it. They are more into fad items that they don’t really need. They just buy it because everyone has it. Most of the times, they buy cheap products with low quality just to keep up. The end result, they lost the money and a defective item. What a waste!

Mindset #2. Rich people wants to get paid based on the results while poor people wants to get paid based from the time they invested

Rich people are mostly businessmen and entrepreneurs. They focus on the results of a certain project and ask to get paid based on the value of it. It will mean more income regardless of the time spent working.

Poor people demands on getting paid per hour as mostly, employees are getting paid for their time. By doing this, you will not earn more or less of what your rate is. Means you are restricted to earn more.

Mindset #3. The rich people promote themselves and their values while poor people have a negative self worth

Rich people highlights what they can do. They do not have to bring up their weaknesses. If any, they are willing to work on it to become a better person. It will gain the trust of their clients and have more business to earn from.

Poor people tend to be on the negative side of things. They like to talk about how bad they are into something. Instead, they should be highlighting their skills more. This is due to their belief and low self worth. That’s why they will just stay where they are instead of trying a greener pasture.

Mindset #4. Rich people admire richer people than them but poor people resent rich people

Rich people look up to their own kind. If the person is richer than them, they will idolize the person. They will make sure to be on the same circle so they can learn their ways and lifestyles. That, for them is the best way to become more successful.

Poor people hates rich people. They think that only rich people can have everything. They also believe that if they don’t exist, they can have better lives.

Mindset #5. Rich people focus on the opportunities around them while poor people focus more on obstacles

When a disaster happened, rich people focus more on the opportunities there is in the situation. They believe that everything that is happening can always open an opportunity.

Poor people loves to do the pity party. They focus more with the obstacles. If it seems so hard, they will just give up and feel sorry for themselves.

Mindset #6. The rich people always think big while poor people only thinks small

Why do you have to think small if you can think big? Rich people always think big. They don’t waste their time with small projects that will not give them big results.

Poor people thinks small because they are afraid to get disappointed. They believe that the smaller their dreams are, the more achievable they will be. The result of thinking small is to stay poor.

From these examples, which one are you? Do you have the rich mindset or the poor mindset? If you want to stay poor, then you can continue practicing that mindset. But if you want to get rich, then it’s time to change how you think. Think they way rich people and millionaires do.